Monday, July 4, 2011

North Quabbin Performing Arts--a division of Art for Life -- Prepares for Storefront Summer Music Series

Ingrid Schartz (left) and Ginny Porcari
Preparing for the Storefront Summer Music Series....

The standing committee of the North Quabbin Performing Arts--a division of Art for Life -- has been meeting regularly at the Millers River CafĂ© to work on a “Storefront Summer Music Series,” a proposed “Battle of the Bands,” a “Town Hall Performance Series” and a North Quabbin Performing Arts Collaborative Resource List.

Candi Fetzer
The mission statement adopted by the committee is as follows:

       North Quabbin Performing Arts Collaborative, a division of Art for Life.  Our mission is the cultivation and promotion of the performing arts…music, theatre, dance, spoken word and more.  We welcome performers from the region, the state, the country and the world!
Polly Bixby

Bad news---Our space is being rented!  Bad new for us, good new for the town!  We think that we still have the month of July, so the summer music series can still happen; if not there, then some other venue.  More information is coming soon.

Diane Nassif
For information on the wide range of Art for Life offerings, including the gallery and gift shop, visit:

Genevieve Fraser
Photo Credit:  Genevieve Fraser

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