Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War Orange, Massachusetts July 4 - 15, 2012

Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War
Orange, Massachusetts

Quabbin Civil War Remembrance
July 4th 2012

“Lincoln: The Musical”
By Michael Riccards
July 7 – 8  & 14 - 15

Civil War Reproduction Quilt Contest Exhibit
July 4 – 15

Free Admission to all events

“Lincoln: The Musical” is sponsored by the Drama Circle, the Performing Arts Division of Art for Life - CF Pals, and is funded, in part, by Heyes Forest Products, the Miller’s River Café and a grant from the Orange Cultural Council.  For further information, contact Genevieve Fraser at
Tel. (978) 544-1872 or visit website: 

Quabbin Civil War Remembrance - July 4th 2012

#1 Orange Gun Club - Oldest charted gun club in Massachusetts
357 West River Street, Orange, MA
9:30    – Black Powder Shoot
11:00  – Antique Fire Arms display and discussion with Terry Whitney
12:30  -  Civil War game stew and chicken bar-b-que - $15
              Call Mark Kovalsick for reservations Tel. 978-467-6076
Music with Ken Levine and friends
15th Massachusetts Infantry Civil War demonstrations
Living Heritage Farmer and Artisan Market

#2 Orange Town Hall – Ruth B. Smith Auditorium
6 Prospect Street, Orange, MA
2:00 – 8:30
Civil War Remembrances
          Abe Lincoln, Lucius Spooner - 19th century Petersham farmer
          Mark Twain’s “The Campaign That Failed” with Tim Waite
Civil War stories, group discussions & readings from Civil War era diaries and letters – all invited to participate
Music with Ken Levine and friends
Quilt Exhibit & Living Heritage Farmer and Artisan Market

#3 Orange Historical Society & Museum
41 North Main Street, Orange, MA (2 doors up from Town Hall)
2:00 – 4:00 Tea
5:00 – Dinner and “Tin Type Show and Tell”

“Lincoln: The Musical”
(Civil War era songs)
By Michael Riccards
Directed by Genevieve Fraser

Orange Town Hall, 6 Prospect Street, Orange, MA
Saturday, July 7 at 7:00 & Sunday, July 8 at 2:00
 Saturday, July 14 at 7:00 and Sunday, July 15 at 2:00
July 15th Quilter reception 6:00 pm at the Orange Historical Society

“Lincoln: The Musical” chronicles the Lincoln family’s entry into Washington DC.  The new president is determined to lead the nation into an era of prosperity as he sings Foster’s “Hard Times Come Again No More.” But soon, hope turns to despair as the War Between the States commences – “a small skirmish” that quickly leads to a nightmare that engulfs the president, his family, aides, generals, his cabinet and the nation.  Intertwined with the family and political crisis is the drama unfolding at a Washington DC tavern frequented by soldiers, members of Congress and an actor by the name of John Wilkes Booth. Following the Emancipation Proclamation and the Cause of the Union’s triumph, Booth plots to take action.

Act 1
Ford Theater
Flashback - Little Pigeon Creek settlement, Indiana
Washington DC Train Station
President’s Office at the White House
Washington Tavern
President’s Office
Act 2
Washington Tavern
Willie Lincoln’s bedroom
President’s Office
Living Room at the White House
Washington Tavern
Ford Theater

Abraham Lincoln                                          Chuck Berube
Mary Todd Lincoln                                      Sally Howe
Willie Lincoln                                                Brian Johnson
Nancy Hanks (Abe’s mother)                       Charlene Deam
John Wilkes Booth                                        Charles Tower
General Winfield Scott                                 Tim Waite
Senator Cotesbury Butterworth                  Jack Arnot
Secretary of State Seward                            Philip Hubbard
John Hay – Lincoln aide                               Noah Dawson
John Nicholay – Lincoln aide                       David Farnum
President James Buchanan                          Barry Robichaud
Issac                                                                Luke Meunier
Rose                                                                Julie Graziano
Barmaid                                                         Joyce Sawyer
Mrs. Laurey                                                   Genevieve Fraser
Ford Theater Manger                                   Robert Mathews
Cast of “My American Cousin”                  Joyce Sawyer
                                                                        Emily Lapinskas
                                                                        Barry Robichaud
Conductor                                                      Andrew Tower
Soldiers                                                           William Johnson
                                                                        Daniel Boucher
Town women                                                 Vicky Graw
                                                                        Doreen Gallien
Inside Out Dance Company
Pianist                                                             Deborah Kent
Costumes                                                        Vicky Graw & Deborah Kent
Technical Director                                        Tim Waite
Michael & Barbara Riccards                       Donald “Spin” Ainsworth
Town of Orange                                            Select Board                                      
Miller’s River Café                                       Kris Burns & Jeanie Miller
Bruce’s Browsers                                          Diane Lincoln
Swift River Valley Historical Society           Elizabeth Peirce
Halloween Costume World                          Barbara Hanno & Sally Howe                    
Mahar Regional High School                       Fred Heyes
The Dance Studio                                          Brenda Cromwell Hall
Workers Credit Union                                  Orange Gun Club
North Quabbin Woods                                 Kirby Lecy & Nancy Blackmer
Orange Historical Society                             Linda Temple
North Quabbin Antiques                              Brenda Piro
Paul Robichaud                                             Phil and Ivana Hubbard
Lisa DeWitt                                                    David Belcher
Ingrid Whitten & Ames Trophy                  15th Massachusetts Civil War Infantry
Orange Cultural Council                              Jim Rich & Mark Kovalsick

Friday, May 4, 2012

Arts in Bloom Spring Festival!

Arts in Bloom Spring Festival!
 at Butterfield Park on East River Street in Orange
Saturday May 5
12 – 5 pm

Sponsored by WJDF FM
Orange/Athol Lion’s Club
and Lowe’s Home & Garden in Hadley.

Come celebrate Spring with traditional May Pole weaving, local performers, local food vendors, local artisans and children’s crafts.
v   Face Painting and Balloon Art!
v   Free Performances!
v   Children’s Crafts!
v   Blacksmith Demonstrations!
v   Youth Hour with Dancing, May Pole Weaving, Lowe’s Home and Garden building kits and more!
v   RAFFLE!!!  - Prizes including Gift Certficates and more from: Serendipity Ice Cream, House of Wax, Eagle Peak Fitness, Friendly Town Pizza, The Hairport Beauty Salon, Trail Head, Miller’s River Café, Hand Crocheted Hat & Scarf Set, T-shirts, Keep in Touch Postcards, Wooden Calendar, Gopher Livery Service

Performance Schedule
12:00 Who’s In Tune—Orange—Lester Scafidi, Tom Deam, Charlene Deam & Liz Warder
12:30 Chuck Berube—Petersham & Judy Johnson--Orange
1:00   Derrick Drowne--Athol
1:30   Richard Chase—Orange
2:15   Children’s Hour featuring Inside/Out Dance Troupe, Lowe’s Home & Garden building           kits, Children’s Raffle & Maypole Weaving—Orange
3:00   Cosmic Moxa—Winchendon Springs, MA
3:45   Linda Piragis & Norman Duguy—Orange
4:15   Diane Lincoln—Royalston
4:45   Larry Drown—Orange


Silver Lace Treasures—handmade jewelry—Orange
Peters/Ross Creative Photography—photography—Erving
Re-Elect Denise Andrews Campaign—political—Orange
Gopher Livery Service—airport shuttle/business travel—S. Deerfield
WJDF FM Radio—media sponsor—Orange
Jeanne Rogers—hand-knitted Am. Girl doll clothes—Rindge, NH
Orange Blossoms—flowers & gifts—Orange
Lions Club—sponsor and food service—Orange/Athol
Bohemian Kitchen—food service—Orange
Mary Hakkinen—balloon art & face painting—Orange
Periwinkle Place—clothing boutique—Orange
Photos from the Valley—photography—New Salem
Rachel’s Everlastings—plants, jewelry, flowers & smoothies--Orange
Petersham Leathers—leather garments, belts, bags, etc—Petersham
Tracy Ellen Studio—mixed media artwork & jewelry—Orange
Nystrom’s Village Blacksmith Shop—blacksmithing demonstrations & products
Popple Camp Alpaca—Alpaca wool, mohair & soap products—Petersham
Broken Stitches—hand bags & hand-quilted items—Templeton

Lowe’s Home & Garden—children’s building kits—Amherst/Hadley
St. Mary’s Pop Corn—freshly made pop corn--Orange

Arts in Bloom Spring Festival is being sponsored by the Performing Arts Collaborative (PAC), which is a division of Art for Life and is supported by the non-profit organization, CFPals.   They seek to showcase music, theater, dance and spoken word through a variety of entertainment experiences that both engage and educate.
The Performing Arts Collaborative would like to thank all the sponsors that have stepped up to help in this endeavor:  WJDF FM Radio, Orange/Athol Lion’s Club and Lowe’s Home & Garden in Hadley.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Arts in Bloom Spring Festival in Second Season!

Arts in Bloom Spring Festival in Second Season!

The 2nd annual Arts in Bloom Spring Festival will be held Saturday, May 5th in Butterfield Park (E. River St.), in Orange, from noon until 5pm.

The festival is a celebration of Spring with a traditional May Pole winding, local farm and food vendors, artisans, children’s crafts and much more.  Also, the Inside-Out Dance Co. (Orange) will perform along with Richard Chase (Orange), Chuck Berube (Petersham), Derrick Brown (Athol) and many others.

This festival is being sponsored by the Performing Arts Collaborative (PAC), which is a division of Art for Life and is supported by the non-profit organization, CFPals.  PAC was formed by a group of performing artists in Orange to promote the understanding, appreciation and cultivation of the performing arts in the North Quabbin Region.  They seek to showcase music, theater, dance and spoken word through a variety of entertainment experiences that both engage and educate.

Last year the Performing Arts Collaborative presented the 1st Arts in Bloom Spring Festival in the “Getty” parking lot and “Sunday Afternoon with Joe” a classical piano concert with Joe Pepper from Burlington, VT.  This year, in addition to the Arts in Bloom Spring Festival, PAC is one of the sponsors of the Drama Circle’s “Lincoln: the Musical” to be presented at the Orange Town Hall in July.

“We are so excited that people want to participate, again, this year,” stated Candi Fetzer, PAC chairperson.  She, along with the other committee members, Virginia Porcari, Ingrid Schatz and Genevieve Fraser, have been working very hard on this event.  “We had so much fun last year with everyone coming together to make it a success.  We are looking forward to doing it again and by using a larger venue this year (Butterfield Park), we have room for more artisans and food vendors.”

The Performing Arts Collaborative is currently looking for more performers (jugglers, clowns, hula-hoop performers, etc.), vendors and committee members; if you are interested in donating your talent, selling your product or becoming a committee member, contact Candi Fetzer at 978-633-4302 or email the committee at

Vendor and Performer forms are posted below.

Arts in Bloom Spring Festival

Vendor Form
May 5, 2012, Butterfield Park


Company/Business name:_____________________________________________



Type of Business:___________________________________________________

Space Needed:     5 ft._________                 10 ft.________                
15 ft._________
(you must provide your own table(s), chair (s) and shelter)

Electricity needed:         yes_____                no_____
(you must provide your own outside certified electrical cord(s))

If your business or craft has a fee, please post a sign stating the cost, prominently, in order to avoid confusion.

The following is for food vendors----Check with Roger Mallet (Orange Health Department, 978-544-1107).  You will need the following:
1-day vendor permit
mobile unit
"safe serve" certificate
Roger suggested that you have an idea of your menu in order for him to know the type of permit to issue.

We have Butterfield Park from 8am to 5pm; you must have all items set-up and ready by noon as the general public is present from noon until 5p.

You must have your own waste disposal bags and water. You must, also, clean up your space at Festival close and dispose of your waste.

**We are asking all vendors to pay a entrance fee of $10.00 payable to PAC-Art for life. Please return to C. Fetzer 21 Beach Lane, Orange, MA. 01364.

For more information, contact Candi Fetzer-978-633-4302; email address is

      Thanks for your support of our Spring Festival!!
             Performing Arts Collaborative div. Art for Life 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Art for Life Sponsors... An All-Classical Afternoon with Pianist Joe Pepper on Sunday, August 7 in Orange

Art for Life Sponsors... An All-Classical Afternoon with Pianist Joe Pepper on Sunday, August 7 in Orange

Join classical pianist Joe Pepper in an afternoon performance of Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart and contemporary composer Bathory-Kitsz on Sunday, August 7 starting at 4:00 pm at the First Universalist Church, 31 North Main Street in Orange, MA.  The performance is free of charge and sponsored by the Performing Arts Collaborative, a division of the North Quabbin-based Art for Life. 

Recently described by the Montpelier, Vermont publication, The Times Argus, as having “an unusually warm sound” and “a direct musical approach,” Pepper’s performances have attracted audiences from various musical backgrounds.  The August 7 concert will feature Bach’s 1st Partita in B Flat Major, Beethoven’s Sonata in D Major, Opus 10, No. 3, Chopin’s 3rd Sonata in B Minor, Mozart’s Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Variations and contemporary composer Bathory-Kitsz’s Starry Night.

Joseph Pepper grew up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, earning performance degrees from Ithaca College and the UMKC Conservatory, where he also performed with the Kansas City Ballet.  Pepper moved to Vermont in 2006 and opened a private piano studio.  He has taught Theory and Piano in the music departments at the University of Vermont, Champlain College, SUNY Plattsburgh and Johnson State College. 

Pepper frequently concertizes throughout New England and Upstate New York in solo and collaborative performances.  In addition to his classical music career, Pepper is an audio professional and contributes his abilities as an audio engineer, producer and announcer to Vermont Public Radio.  He has most recently founded the Church Street Concert Series featuring both local and international artists at the First Unitarian Universalist Meeting House in Burlington, Vermont.

The mission of the Art for Life Performing Arts Collaborative is the cultivation and promotion of the performing arts…music, theatre, dance, spoken word and more.  We welcome performers from the region, the state, the country and the world! 

Following the August 7 performance, the public is invited to a reception to meet the performer. Light refreshments will be served.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Theater Games and Dance Moves train “YouthReach Summer Theater Ensemble” for Premier of Original Comedy

Ingrid Schatz and Julian Fox

Theater Games and Dance Moves train “YouthReach! Summer Theater Ensemble” for Premier of Original Comedy

Ingrid Schatz, one of the founding members of the Inside Out Dance Company in Orange, is hard at work training young actors in theater and dance movement as part of the Athol Area YMCA’s YouthReach! Summer Theater Ensemble during the eleventh season of their Annual Summer Theater Program.

According to Manuel King, the program director and producer for the YouthReach! Summer Theater Ensemble, “Members of the cast have been working hard to develop an original drama which was recently titled, ‘Now and Then and Now Again.’ The play centers on a guided tour of the castle of King Humphrey with stories narrated of events that happened in the castle during Humphrey’s reign in the middle ages.”   
Manuel King

“The goal of the YouthReach! Summer Theater Ensemble is to provide teens the chance to explore their imaginations and creativity while learning about the craft of stage writing and acting. During four weeks of intensive work, they develop their own original play and then perform it publicly,” King explained.

Theater Ensemble
Actors for the Athol Area YMCA’s Annual Summer Theater Program include Anastasia Anderholm, Aldan Clyatt, Naomi Cope, Jessica Funa, Tim Funa, Dominic Funa, John Hume, Quinton Illhardt, Andrew Illhardt, Paige Parsons, Ashley Reed and Nicole Savoy.  This year, Julian Fox and Cory Flood are serving as co- performance directors.

Cory Flood blows the horn
“Now and Then and Now Again” will be performed on Saturday, July 23 at 7:00 pm in the Ruth B. Smith Auditorium, Orange Town Hall at 6 Prospect Street, Orange, MA.  For further information, call Manuel King at Telephone # (978) 249-3305. 

Ingrid teaches the actors about horizontal and vertical lines and meaning
Story and Photo Credit:  Genevieve Fraser

Monday, July 4, 2011

North Quabbin Performing Arts--a division of Art for Life -- Prepares for Storefront Summer Music Series

Ingrid Schartz (left) and Ginny Porcari
Preparing for the Storefront Summer Music Series....

The standing committee of the North Quabbin Performing Arts--a division of Art for Life -- has been meeting regularly at the Millers River Café to work on a “Storefront Summer Music Series,” a proposed “Battle of the Bands,” a “Town Hall Performance Series” and a North Quabbin Performing Arts Collaborative Resource List.

Candi Fetzer
The mission statement adopted by the committee is as follows:

       North Quabbin Performing Arts Collaborative, a division of Art for Life.  Our mission is the cultivation and promotion of the performing arts…music, theatre, dance, spoken word and more.  We welcome performers from the region, the state, the country and the world!
Polly Bixby

Bad news---Our space is being rented!  Bad new for us, good new for the town!  We think that we still have the month of July, so the summer music series can still happen; if not there, then some other venue.  More information is coming soon.

Diane Nassif
For information on the wide range of Art for Life offerings, including the gallery and gift shop, visit:

Genevieve Fraser
Photo Credit:  Genevieve Fraser